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Amenities & Services


    Fully licenced Medical Centre
    On-site nurse 24 / 7
    On-call Doctor & ambulance service 24 / 7
    Emergency call system linked to the Medical Centre
    On-site pharmacy

24/7 on site medical assistance will be operated by our associates Blue Cross Medical Centre and St George’s Clinic.
These are two of the best-known private hospitals in Paphos which merged in 2012 to form a comprehensive care centre that is unique to the Paphos region offering unrivalled expertise, experience and resources.


    Outdoor & indoor heated pool
    Spa and Gym
    Communal gardens
    Restaurants, Café & Bar
    Clubhouse & social events

In the centre of Cypress Park retirement village there is a centrepiece building, which houses the facilities of the Cypress Club, of which you are automatically a member.
The building facilities include a restaurant, bar, lounge, a health and wellbeing centre, outdoor and indoor heated swimming pool, gym and jacuzzi.
It is also from here that we run the estate, maintain the grounds and properties, and provide the services you require.

Security & Support

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    Gated with a private road
    On-site village manager & team
    CCTV Cameras
    On-site security service 24 / 7
    Wheelchair friendly options

Feeling safe and secure in your own home is so important – and that’s particularly the case as we age. There’s nothing like the feeling of being able to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard for, without having to worry about whether your home, possessions, and even you yourself are safe or not.
That’s why, if you’re planning on downsizing from the family home in retirement, you’ll probably be considering which living option offers the best security.
If you’re trying to find an ideal living environment as you transition into retirement, the benefits of a gated retirement community for seniors are truly unmatched.


Crafting golden memories, one cherished moment at a time, in our vibrant retirement community.

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